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A roach is close. It smells like almond milk, slowly cooling.
A roach is within view. It looks like a slice of cellophane, browned by the sun.
A roach is on you. Its touch feels like a shift in the grass, as you nap in the yard.
A roach is in your mouth. You bite. It tastes like a rupture. You forget everything you’ve tasted before.


In the tradition of Gygaxian democracy, we asked our REACH OF THE ROACH GOD Kickstarter campaign backers to suggest descriptions that signaled the close proximity or imminent arrival of a roach --

How they smell; what they look like; what they feel like. What they taste like.

We edited these submissions, laid them out in PDF. Here is it, for free, perhaps the most cursed TTRPG mini-supplement ever conceived.

Compiled from suggestions by:

Anton Belov, Simon Forster, Thomas Harney, Derek Kinsman, Vyasar M Ganesan, Shane Craker, Mark Krawec, Verity Lane, Roxual, Hobbie Regan, Handy Haversack, Greg C, Coagulopathy, Daniel MacPhee, taichara, Dirk Schlobinski, HandwashBigpan, Uther, Daniel Fowler, vickyradcliffe, kamingusu, Rat Man, Craig Chouraki-Lewin, Chad Vest, Karma Choying, Jason Blasso, Elizabeth Stone, Sharon Chin, Zedeck Siew, Sean Craven, Bob H Boyd, Bugbearballs, Aaron Böhler, Nariz, Bevan Anderson, Alex Agran, Scott Beattie.

REACH OF THE ROACH GOD will be the first full-length adventure book set in A THOUSAND THOUSAND ISLANDS. Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter!

Inspired by the vast caves of Southeast Asia. Full of detailed illustrations and jargon-free text. With system-neutral design, for use with the fantasy tabletop RPG of your choice.


  • Three starter adventures;
  • Three separate cave-dwelling cultures;
  • Tools to create an underground world; 
  • A frame for a full campaign; 
  • Lots and lots of roaches.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorA Thousand Thousand Islands
Tagsrandom-tables, rpgsea, system-neutral


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