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I'd loved the mood of this adventure and it seems I am not the onlyone since your kickstart is going very well.

I am a bit lost with the vocabulary "Ogre" ... On one side Odoyoq is called Ogre, and you will probably devellop him much more in the setting than in this adventure and on this adventure you talk a lot about Dee Wee Shree, the liquid Ogre ... Is It the same character ? (Doesnt seem to me) Can the bat change to a liquid form ? (Not explicited in the adventure)

Just a detail obviouly...

Art is great also ... And the font ....

Thank you; am really glad the mood of the adventure works for you!

And thank you for this note, truly. Having worked on this for ages, I've got designer's myopia, now -- I can no longer tell which bits might confuse folks newly encountering the adventure!

Dee Wee Shree is a psychic with the power to puppet water. (He is using a remote-control puppet made of lake water to seduce the bamboo cutter Iba.)

I need to tweak the language in this adventure, so that is clearer!

Dee Wee Shree and Odoyoq are not the same character. (The detail about villagers misremembering Odoyoq as an ogre refers to some backstory text that isn't part of this Preview PDF.) (Dee Wee Shree is using local folklore to his own advantage.)

Again: thank you so much for this feedback!


Many thanks for your quick reply. It's much clearer for me now.